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Targeting is  a type of online advertising. The main feature is the ability to customize ads to a specific audience. With the help of various filters, only your potential customers will see the message. 

For example, the store works with young rich mothers. They live in a certain area of ​​the city, they love outdoor activities, they have a child, etc. Thanks to targeting, you can only set up advertising for these people, excluding uninteresting customers. We hope you understand us.

Such advertising is used in social networks, because there is a maximum of information about potential customers. We can configure it in vk.com, instagram, facebook, my.com.

Why is targeting effective? 


  1. Setting from 20 000 rubles
  2. Maintenance from 5 000 thousand rubles per month
  3. Advertising budget from 5 000 rubles per month


Great case for martial arts club Range in St. Petersburg


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