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In the previous article  we looked at the organizational part of the online store:

This time we will deal directly with the point of sale and how to create it.

So, an online store is a very convenient format for making purchases, on the one hand, and doing business, on the other. With a good scenario, everyone is happy with this interaction. To this we will strive. And our key to success is a well-created online store website. 

You have several options for creating a website. Tell about the pros and cons of each of them.

  1. Independently develop an online store website

In this case, you rely solely on yourself. You immerse yourself in development, learn the subtleties of web design, layout and code. You form your own vision of the site, write texts and prepare photos of goods. Creating such a site with such an integrated approach will take about six months. Yes, you will save a decent amount, but lose your own strength, time and nerves. We are personally acquainted with such an enthusiast. He developed his website completely from scratch for two years. Two years, Karl!


  1. Make an online store site based on the designer

A good option that will greatly simplify your life. Designers have ready-made versions of the design and structure of such a site. You just have to upload content and publish there. It sounds very easy and fast. But. The designers of online stores are paid. And you pay not only for the development of an online store, but also for its regular work. That is, it burdens you with monthly payments, and during a delay it can turn off your site without warning. Tariffs for such services may exceed 100,000 rubles in the amount per year. And so it will continue every year of the store. But all these hundreds of rubles could get into your pocket. In addition, the constructor is a template. And how are you going to stand out from the competition with a template solution?


  1. Make an online store website with professionals

This option is suitable for those who, and without developing a lot of cases. In this case, you only win. A few meetings are enough to discuss the structure, the general appearance of the site, the functionality, to coordinate the TK. It takes you a total of 6 hours. The agency has extensive experience in the development of online stores, a team of designers, designers and developers, and knows what else you can add to the site to simplify your work with it. The cost of such a comprehensive and unique work is fully justified. Yes, you will spend from 150000 rubles once and you will receive:

Yes it is expensive. This is high quality. This is one complete development that will last you for years.

Of course, you choose. Weigh all the pros and cons, own time and resources. And if anything, please 😉


And yes your online store will bring big sales!


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