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Corporate websites are a business card of a company with a full description of the company, services, benefits, price, etc. In fact, this is the official representation of the company on the Internet, where you can find all the information of interest. Also, a corporate website is an image tool. The first impression of the site is the first impression of the company. And by the way your site looks like, whether it is convenient, the opinion about the company is formed. And this is followed by the sales process. Or otherwise people will not be cleared on what your site is all about.

What information should be on the corporate website?

What features should corporate website have?

First, enjoyable to watch. Poor website design can scare the customer immediately after the page loads. Good design will make you stay on the site and explore at least the main page.

Secondly, convenient to use. The visitor must, on an intuitive level, understand where to click in order to find out what interests him. If the site forces the visitor to “blunt”, the attractiveness of the company falls.

Thirdly, the site should encourage people to purchase your product. This does not mean that through the word there should be a red button “BUY!”. This means that the text, pictures and general view of the site are pushing the visitor to purchase.

Processes on how we develops corporate sites;

  1. We firstly acquire necessary information from the client about his site, and what it should be.
  2. Register the site structure
  3. Register the site functionality
  4. We draw the design of the main page
  5. After coordination draw the remaining pages
  6. We impose a site. That is, we turn the picture into codes. This is the part that is not visible to the visitor, but it is important for the good work of the site.
  7. We develop external functionality. Work buttons, forms, etc.
  8. We test and, if no additional changes are needed, we hand over the project.

The cost of developing a corporate website: from 1,000 pounds.

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