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These are the basic principles of working with a brand, on the basis of which other attributes of the brand are developed: visual images, associations, corporate identity, emotional and rational advantages. The brand platform is based on positioning, values, character, and the brand’s mission.


This is a document or its printed version containing a corporate style guideline and the described brand platform.


This is a guide to using corporate identity. The guideline contains rules for the use and creation of elements of identity


This is all external real and virtual products made on the basis of corporate identity. Business cards, forms, design of social networks, calendars, clothing, packaging and so on


Components of corporate identity. Most often, these are colors, fonts, typical graphic elements, patterns, styles for visual content (photos and videos), compositional techniques, layout style and so on.


Same as corporate identity.


This is a set of branded elements that creates a complete visual image, including the logo


This is an area on the section page, for the output of which some component is responsible.



This is the name of the menu icon in new program and site models that hides the traditional File menu. This menu is also called: the hamburger icon, HotDog menu, three line menu. The badge got this name because it looks like a hamburger (top and bottom bun with a chop between them)


One of a kind several letters made (drawn, cut out, etc.) for one specific situation.


This is the art of providing textual information, transforming text into graphic design, the basis of graphic design.


This is the degree of convenience of the person working with the interface.


User Interface (literally “user interface”) – what the interface looks like and what physical characteristics it acquires. Determines what color your “product” will be, whether it will be convenient for a person to hit the buttons with a finger, whether the text and the like will be readable


User Experience (literally: “user experience”). That is, this is what experience / impression the user gets from working with your interface. Is he able to reach the goal and how simple or difficult is it to do


Diagram or drawing representing the “skeleton” of a page of a site or application. No decorations, only the location and approximate dimensions of the headers, text blocks, illustrations, multimedia and navigation bars


non-working model made in full size and looking like a working instance will look like. That is, a webpage made in Photoshop that was submitted for layout is mockup


Model to test the concept or process. Pictures can be inserted, color tonal gradations appear, etc.


Photoshop Document – a raster format for storing graphic information used in Adobe Photoshop


Логотипы в стиле монолайн -нет форм и фигур, а сам логотип состоит из замысловатого пересечения тонких линий


The type of fill in computer graphics, which calculates the intermediate colors of the other points by the given color parameters at key points. This creates smooth transitions from one color to another.


The design of program interfaces and operating systems, presented as the opposite of realism. As planned, “flat design” should emphasize the effect of “charming simplicity” and sophisticatio


The easiest and most understandable. A logo is a graphic sign or emblem used to increase recognition and recognizability.


Universal tool for organizing the visual space, which is used by both graphic and web designers. The use of the grid in the design – part of the professional culture of the designer.



Скриптовый язык общего назначения, интенсивно применяемый для разработки веб-приложений. В настоящее время поддерживается подавляющим большинством хостинг-провайдеров и является одним из лидеров среди языков, применяющихся для создания динамических веб-сайтов


Content Management System (Web Content Management System) is a software package that provides functions for creating, editing, controlling, and organizing web pages. CMS are often used to create blogs, personal pages and online stores and are aimed at users who are not familiar with programming


Component part of something (especially – simple, not consisting, in turn, of other parts)


Some part, without which this system is not found in nature. The modules (plug-ins) are connected to it, it manages them and / or depends on them.


This is a real or represented object, information about which should be stored and be available. In the ER-model diagrams, an entity is represented as a rectangle containing the name of the entity. The entity name is the name of the type, and not of a specific instance of this type. For greater expressiveness and better understanding, the name of the entity may be accompanied by examples of specific objects of this type.


This is an area on the section page, for the output of which some component is responsible.


A functionally complete fragment of the program, designed in the form of a separate file with the source code or its named continuous part (for example, Active Oberon), intended for use in other programs. Modules allow you to break complex tasks into smaller ones in accordance with the principle of modularity. Usually designed in such a way as to provide programmers with convenient for reusable functionality (interface) in the form of a set of functions, classes, constants. Modules can be combined into packages and, further, into libraries. The usability of the modular architecture is the ability to update (replace) the module, without the need to change the rest of the system. In most cases, different modules can be run on one server or on different,


Systems of this type, as a rule, are not separately sold products and are usually supplied as standard along with the developed website. They often do not have a single version accounting – small home-grown systems in general can have different modifications on each individual project. Industrial solutions (like RBC Contents) are delivered as independent products with a set of compatible versions. The disadvantages of such systems primarily include: the need to install special software on the server, the mandatory participation of the company-developer in the creation of the site, the lack of detailed documentation


Such a system can be independently installed and put into operation without the participation of the developer. This requires that the program has the following characteristics: the portability of the system itself, the availability of documentation for users and developers, the possibility of its operation on standard software without additional installation on the server of specialized programs, etc. The main indicator of the quality of the boxed product is the prevalence of external system settings internal. Ideally, the developer should not integrate at all, but only provide technical support and give advice.


This is a programming language that adds interactivity to your website (for example: games, response when pressing buttons or entering data in forms, dynamic styles, animation)


Джейкуэри-библиотека JavaScript, фокусирующаяся на взаимодействии JavaScript и HTML. Библиотека jQuery помогает легко получать доступ к любому элементу DOM, обращаться к атрибутам и содержимому элементов DOM, манипулировать ими. Также библиотека jQuery предоставляет удобный API для работы с AJAX.


This technology, which is used to display animation on the pages of the site.


(from the English. HyperText Markup Language – “Hypertext Markup Language”) is a standardized markup language for documents on the World Wide Web.


This is an approach to website development, according to which the resource should be easy to view from any device, regardless of screen size, whether it is a desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet, an existing device or something that will appear only in the future.


This is the process of creating a web page on a ready-made layout.


Formal language for describing the appearance of a document written using a markup language



Yandex service for webmasters, a toolbar for evaluating site indexing and setting up a site description in Yandex search results. Used to display site statistics.


This is the ratio of the number of site visitors who performed any target actions on it (hidden or direct instructions of advertisers, sellers, creators of a title – purchase, registration, subscription, visiting a certain page of the site, following the advertising link), to the total number of site visitors expressed in percents


This is a collection of annotated links to sites that the editors have manually compiled. The purpose of the Catalog is to offer the user a representative selection of sites in each category and facilitate the search for information on the Internet.


This is a set of actions of visitors on a particular site. Login to the site, time of stay, browsing pages, “clicks” on the proposed links, return to the site


Mr. Rupp people with common characteristics, or united for the sake of a goal or objective. Common signs can be understood as any characteristics required by the organizers (for example, working married women from 25 to 35 years old who wear glasses). The main feature of the target audience in terms of advertising is that it is these people who are more likely to buy the product.


1. 1. Setting Relevance. 2. This is the work with the site code and the text of the page, taking into account the specifics of the search engines


Lexical unit (word, phrase) of an information retrieval language, which serves to describe the main semantic content of a document or formulate a query when searching for a document (information) in an information retrieval system


Meta tag is designed to create a brief description of the page. Its content can be used by search engines to generate a snippet. This tag does not affect the appearance of the page, as it is service information.


This is a  meta tag containing a list of keywords for a site’s page. Designed for search engine robots


This is a description of the issue.


These are optional tags containing service information about the page and its description for browsers and search engines in a structured way.


This is a search site page that opens in response to a specific search query, that is, the result of a system search. The ranking factors are the characteristics of the search engine algorithm, which are used to evaluate the site page and determine its position in the issue. Yandex uses in its algorithms several hundred factors.


This is a quantitative measure of a site or page.


These are visits of visitors that are made directly, whether it is a manually typed address of a web resource in the browser bar or a transition from bookmarks


Sequence of actions (activity) of one visitor on the site (on one counter). The visitor’s activity is: page views, external links, file downloads and function calls.


This is the Yandex.Metrica tool that allows you to follow the actions of users on the site using video recording of visits to the counter. After analyzing the record, we can conclude about how users scroll the page, where they go, what information they pay attention, etc.


A tool for assessing site traffic, analyzing visitor behavior and advertising effectiveness


A free service provided by Google for creating detailed statistics of website visitors. Statistics are collected on a Google server, the user only places the JS-code on the pages of his site. The tracking code is triggered when the user opens the page in his web browser (assuming Javascript is enabled in the browser


This is the return on investment ratio. It reflects the profitability of your investment.


This is the percentage between visitors to the site and the orders they produce.


This is a digital coefficient characterizing the degree of effectiveness of online advertising, is calculated by the ratio of the number of interested visitors to their total number


This is the work with the code and the text of the web pages, which has the purpose of using the totality of internal factors applied on the page of the web site that influence the result of the search for this search query in the search engines


The process of attracting attention through social platforms. This is a set of activities for using social media as channels for promoting companies and solving other business problems.


Advertising message, built as a riddle, which contains part of the product information, but the product itself is not fully demonstrated. Teasers usually appear at an early stage of product promotion and serve to create intrigue around it.


This is a type of advertising that allows text ads to appear on keywords that users are searching for on the Internet. Contextual ads appear in search results for the query, as well as on sites with thematic content. Thus, only those users who have searched for you can see your ad. Contextual advertising is a targeted, highly effective means of attracting customers  in Yandex, Contact, Google, etc.


This is a set of measures aimed at changing external factors affecting the issue


A marketing mechanism by means of which from the entire number of Internet users can only select the target audience that meets certain criteria (geographic, socio-demographic, etc.), and bring to her advertising information.

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