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Landing pages. As they just do not call … And landos, landing, landing page, single-page, selling page. In general, all this is a  web page with which you can collect contacts of your target audience. These pages are needed to enhance the effectiveness of advertising and increase the audience. A landing page usually contains product or service information.

At your request, we will make a landing page aimed at the target action – subscriptions, sales or something else. It all depends on what you want to get at the exit.

How we make landing pages:

  1.  Brief, we learn the key information about the company and the wishes of the customer. Who, what they do, what kind of CA, what we want, etc. There are many questions, about 50, but they give an understanding of the project.
  2.  We pack all the “chips” of the customer in the semantic blocks. A lot of information obtained is compressed to convenient and stylish elements of the page.
  3.  Design a landing page based on meaningful blocks. We structure the blocks so that the landing page becomes logical and answers the questions of the visitors.
  4.  We do the design. We transfer all our ideas into web-format. We impose and make an adaptive version for mobile and tablets.
  5.  We integrate with CRM, Callback services, chat rooms with the client, as well as with content substitution services. In short, we set up communication with customers.
  6.  At the request of the customer is tied to the CMS.

Cost: from 800 pounds

Terms: from 1 month

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