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For those who do not know, SEO is a set of processes aimed at improving the position of a site in search engines to increase site traffic. The whole process of setting is also called SEO-site optimization. The better the site is configured from this point of view, the higher it will be in the search. Accordingly, site traffic will increase, and with it the number of orders, purchases and downloads.

Why is SEO effective? 

First, 80% of the traffic to the site always comes from search results.

Secondly, search engines are trusted. And trust more than any advertising.

Thirdly, good optimization will bring long-term effect. Once set up, and customers continue to go.

How the cost of SEO works is formed:

1. The more requests that need to get into the top 10, the more expensive the promotion cost
2. The better and more correct the site is made from the technical side, the cheaper the promotion
3. The more convenient the site is for users, the cheaper the promotion
4. The more competitors , the higher the cost of promotion
5. The more reference links leading to the site from other sources, the lower the cost of promotion

How long does it take for the site to appear in the top? 
Depends on a large number of factors. Sometimes one month is enough for promotion in order for the results to appear, while the other site needs to be engaged up to 4-5 months to see the result. On average, it takes about 3 months to bring a site to the top.

Cost of services: 300-450 pounds

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