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The essence of UI / UX

UI / UX is the design of the interface and future interaction. We think about how the user can get from point A to point B with the least resistance and make it happen.

What is UX?

UX is  a User Experience (literally: “user experience”). That is, this is the experience/impression the user receives from working with your site. Is he able to reach the goal, and how easy or difficult is it to do it? Everyone understands that the user has visited the site for a reason. He wants to know something, get information. Therefore we make the site clear and convenient.

UX includes different components. For example, information architecture, design, interaction, graphic design and content. With UX design, you need to study user behavior, develop prototypes of behavior, and conduct testing. UX-designer is engaged in all this work.

What is a UI?

The UI is the User Interface (literally “user interface”) – what the interface looks like and what physical characteristics it has. Whether buttons are conveniently located, whether the text is readable, etc. The interface is usable and easy. The main thing is that everything works correctly, quickly and affordably. In essence, a UI is a tactile and functional UX design. This is a real solution to the client’s problem with proper design. Here, your desires and needs of the client converge in one place and are realized favorably.

UI / UX cost:

from 600 pounds

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