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One beautiful winter evening, we realized that we had overstepped the mark of 700 completed projects. A week later it came to us once again that it was easier to work with those with whom we had already worked for, than to attract a new client. We did not set up retargeting on our clients, but simply sent them a text message. And 3 customers came to our offer of site maintenance. And ”consultant” is the first and longest of them.

6 iterations = good result

The customer came to us with a site that was not made by us and surprisingly, the pages were made quite well, both from the design side and from the code side. But we found something to improve and fix. Six months later, we are pleased to announce that it was worth it.


Conversion to bid increased by 1.1%

First leads began to come with SEO

Who made the site? fin-konsul24.ru made it.

If you want us to serve your site, write to us at info@borodaboroda.com
or call +442038078734
 You can find other works here https://en.borodaboroda.com/works/  and here:  https://www.instagram.com/boroda_digital/

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