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Today, the Internet provides entrepreneurs with a lot of opportunities to solve the problems of their company. Literally for each task or idea there are special automators. In the case of logos, these are online designers. If these applications allow you to perform routine tasks in a short time, then this is great. But can a machine do what is connected with people’s thoughts, feelings, and subconscious? This applies to services that allow you to create logos online. It seems simple and fast. However, in practice, we often encounter companies that first made the logo online, and after a while they realized that it does not suit them.

First, let’s understand what the logo is for. As we already said in our articles, the logo is the face of your company. It solves several important tasks:

Which of these tasks can the logo designer do? With a big peculliar quality – unlike competitors. Although thematic patterns in these applications, and therefore thematic that certain solutions prevail in certain niches. So, it is quite difficult to solve key tasks with the help of a-la programs “Logo Online”.

But let’s not be so categorical and consider two options for creating logos: with the help of design programs and with the help of a designer.

Create logo online

There are three key advantages to online logo designers:

All that remains is to choose a template, colors and fonts. And now, after an hour and a half, the logo is ready. You saved time and money, made your logo and went to place it on all your information sources. But something went wrong. Avatar in social networks looks somehow strange, but the printing house was denied printing. What is the reason?

First, the logo is always prepared in two or three versions, so that it can be conveniently placed on any materials. For example, on an affiliate billboard, your main logo merges with the background colors. Then it can be replaced with a white version. Such situations are often found in practice. The designer will protect you from possible threats and immediately make several options.

Secondly, the logo on the monitor screen and the logo on the business card are different. All because of the color rendition. In order for your logo to look good on different media, the designer will prescribe the numbers of colors required for printing. The designer has no such functio unfortunately.

Third, no one guarantees that such a decision has not been chosen by another representative in the market. You just went to the logo designer, made your logo, launched it into the business, and then a competitor with a claim to a similar decision came. And here the outcomes may be different, but the inconvenience is guaranteed. Ready solution is good. But for the fruitful work of the company of light ideas is not enough.

Order a logo from the designer

Designer’s work is always a human factor. The professional is different from the machine with the non-standard approach in solving the problem.

First, the designer understands the psychology of perception. Therefore, colors, shades, fonts and logo shapes will convey a feature of your company. This fact is important for presenting those promises and values ​​that you put into your brand. Your client needs not only to pay attention to your logo, but also to understand who you are and what the client will receive from you.

Secondly, the designer has extensive experience in creating logos and analyzing the market. As soon as you said that you are engaged in decorations, he will immediately understand what your competitors already have. And right after that, mark out the template solutions. Then the creative will begin, which will eventually lead you to an individual solution.

Thirdly, together with your logo you will receive a guideline – a guide on the use of the logo. It will contain valid logo options, rules for its location on print layouts, color coding, and other information for high-quality logo implementation .

However, the work of a designer is always time and money. This is natural, because no one will undertake quality and distinctive work for free. Let’s be honest.

What is the result: do you make the logo online or contact the designer?

Here’s a sign for comparison, and you make the choice yourself.

Logo Designer Online Professional designer
Time saving Understanding client psychology
Budget savings Understanding the market and competitors
Independent decision Guidelines for the proper use of the logo
Inability to place on different layouts Ready options for printing and placement

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