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Now design market is a funny situation, the same work can cost completely different amount of money. For one company, the price of a logo can be absolutely logical and justified; for a top single-person designer, the opposite. Let’s figure out how and what makes up the price of the logo.


Logo price. What makes up pricing.

The most logical and simple is the number of concepts.

This factor directly affects pricing. The more concepts you want, the more you have to pay. If you want the designer to make an infinite number of options, until you like it, you will have to fork out more. Although there are designers who are ready to work to the victorious, if only they would be paid at least.

Second – Brand

If you order from a famous company, be prepared to pay more money sometimes because of the famous name they have made. But the funny thing is that the usual freelancer hired for very cheap price can do this job. We have an interesting example when a customer ordered a logo from a famous studio for millions of money, and they reordered it from the designer for 15,000 pounds. So what can stand behind a brand is not the ability to draw, but a good network of partners and contractors. But what do you care? The main result!

The third factor is the complexity of the work.

If you want a simple monogram, then a designer can spend from 15 minutes to 2 hours on it, but if you want a logo in the style of an engraving, then it can take up to 3-4 days of work.

How to adequately assess whether the designer asks a lot?

So, we decided how the price for the logo. But the most important question remains: what price is adequate? We at one time came to a simple decision. We decided to see how much such work costs abroad. The cost starts at $ 200. Since the design market in Europe and America has long settled down, you can safely trust these numbers.
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