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There is the same problem just as in the branding market, which we wrote about earlier. For the same service, performers can charge completely different prices. A studio can name one price, a freelancer another, and the top guys from the capitals third. The question of how much a site costs is aggravated by the fact that there are a dozen of these sites, as well as the possibilities of their execution.Requested in Google or Yandex site price? Read on to find out what constitutes pricing for the development of the site.

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Site price. What is the price.

Site type

Consider the main types of sites, in order to make it easier for you to navigate the cost of the site.


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Let us turn to the possible variants of execution. For ease of understanding, we consider the cost of a business card site in the author’s decision as X

Functionality, basic and additional

The site can be supplemented with various functionality, Tensioning the design and layout of the content management system, sending applications, integration with CRM, embedding widgets of social networks, CallBack services, Live chats and so on. All this affects the price of the site.

Number of pages

Some representatives of our market consider the cost of the site, including the number of unique pages. Logical enough, isn’t it? The more unique pages, the more work.

whose responsibility is it?

As in the case of the logo, the price is definitely affected by the branding aspect. The more famous the manufacturer, the higher the price. For some guys, you have to pay up to 10 times more than the real value of the product.


So we have already decided that the price of the site depends on many factors. It also happens that the price for a site can be altogether appointed according to the principle of a finger in the sky. But know that a good site is always worth a lot of money, if it is not designed to fall off. Read our article “Why a good site is expensive” to see why.


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