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Automation of business processes is a popular and very useful service today. Why? Because:

  1. It simplifies many tasks
  2. It increases the productivity of the company.

And we know how to work with it. Before start-ups we received education in the field of business process automation. (Yes, yes, this is exactly the case when education was useful to you in your future life). Therefore, we are well-versed in popular notations describing business processes, as well as in such things as UML, iDEF, etc.

What is included in the service?

  1. We make an analysis of the company. We look from the inside, what is happening at all.
  2. We describe business processes. What works, what does not work and most importantly, why everything is like that.
  3. Select the points that need to be corrected.
  4. We are preparing a plan of action. We prescribe how we will fix it.
  5. Launch a new system

As a result, your company works like a clock. If there are mistakes, you can always understand who made it and why. Efficiency is increasing in the company, which is good for both employees and customers. The most important thing in the work on automation is to adequately treat our comments, suggestions and requests. We do not carp, but we are committed to enable your company work better.

If you have a task to automate business processes in your company, and you want it to work as a coherent mechanism, we can help.

Cost: Individual

Terms: Individual

Projects: Psk Terra , B-CRM


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