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PSK Terra is a design and construction company that seeks to make its business more convenient for the client. That is why the guys actively collect feedback and carefully work with the questions that have arisen. Such a thorough approach led to an important and difficult decision. Customers of the construction company wanted to see how the work on their projects was going on, leave comments and ask questions as needed.  The company representatives told us, “So you need to change the site and add a personal account there,”. Now lets go into the details;

Objective:  to change the PSK Terra website, by adding a personal account, and to automate the project management process in the customer’s personal account

What they did.

  1. Analyzed the current site. In fact, the site was more like a portfolio with completed work than a full-fledged site. Therefore, we started with the site in general. A little later came to the private.
  2. Having finished with the site, we moved on to developing a personal account. This is not to say that it was a phased process. While part of the team worked on the site as a whole, the developer thought through the system for implementing a personal account. Employees’ processes were synchronized, and at the same time we began to make a personal account.
  3. Developed the design and functionality of the personal account of the customer. At this stage, there was a lot of work from the functional. How the customer should interact with the company, what happens at what stage, how it is clear to show in the interface. And this is just a small list of questions over which we had to puff. In fact,  business process automation is always complex, but wildly interesting projects.
  4. Tested the work of a personal account. After the first test, we saw some flaws, which were later corrected, and the office started up.


As a result, the project has caused us a storm of emotions and gratitude from the customer. Firstly, the site has ceased to be in the format of a portfolio, and has become a full-fledged official website of the company with all the information necessary for the client. Secondly, the personal account function has facilitated communication between the customer and PSK Terra. In it, the customer of a construction company can see at what stage his project is located. Accordingly, he can leave comments, ask questions, and also see the timeline, in which the picture of the state of the project is clearly visible.



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