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ATHA Hockey Academy is an international hockey academy with representative offices in Russia, Latvia, Finland and Mexico. Yes, they play hockey there too. Our work covered the entire hockey academy. The fact is that the founder of this project is the former coach of the St. Petersburg team SKA Silver Lions and our long-time acquaintance. We have already collaborated earlier, so we quickly came to a common goal.

Objective: to prepare the hockey academy to enter the market.

What we did.

1.Naming. We decided to work on the basis of abbreviations. The first A and T represent the name and surname of the founder of the academy. And H and A stands for “Hokcey Academy”.

2. Logo. It is based on the letters A and T, where T in the form of hockey sticks is a cool visual solution. It conveys the name of the company and what it does.


3. Corporate identity. We have chosen three primary colors: black, white and orange. Orange perfectly highlighted the main element of the logo and the whole style – two sticks. Based on the chosen style, we have prepared the form of players, inventory, business cards and other necessary attributes.



4.  Changed the site. Completely changed the site’s visual for a new concept. It also set up SEO in all respects. Management on WordPress allowed to correctly rewrite the content and bring the site to the TOP for key queries.




Fully packaged hockey academy with a stylish design, interesting logo and cool founder. That was the academy after our development. The customer said it was a really powerful and memorable solution. In addition, the orange color in the form raises the mood of the teams and generally has to itself. Especially the customer liked the form layouts. Already with the cutting, even now send for sewing. We know how important it is for athletes, so we always make a form for such projects.

We work a lot on sports projects. Here and here you can see what we still have in this area.




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