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Dorznak engaged in the production of road signs in St. Petersburg. Most orders in such a niche business come from tenders. But the guys did not give up hope to seize those small orders that come from the Internet. It was important for the customer to attract a new audience in a stylish way and high-quality website.

Objective: to develop the image of the Dorznak brand and prepare a selling site

What they did. 

  1. We started with branding . After studying the market, we realized that working with branding does not take much time and effort. All because in this market with brands everything is pretty sad.
  2. Developed a functional site. The result is an intuitive site that shows the advantages of the company. We emphasized the company’s reputation by talking about the work of Dorznak. After all, the guys have something to brag about. They worked on Olympic projects in Sochi, on federal roads. This is St. Petersburg – Moscow and St. Petersburg – Murmansk.
  3. Made SEO- site optimization . We consider this stage of work to be the most successful. All because the first applications for SEO began to come in a month of work. Usually it takes 3 months, if that.


Customers praised our work. All because the image of the company turned out to be stylish and modern. The site stands out from the competition due to the new vision and creates a trusting attitude towards the company. Submission of information on the site meets the needs of visitors: you can see the work, understand the principles of the company, contact representatives, etc. Proper site optimization brought the site to the TOP, and customers received their first applications one month after launch.






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