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Bast App

Back in May 2018, we received a mega-task for developing a mobile application for the rental of construction equipment, and with it the task of developing a website and branding. Here we will start our narration with the task.

Our tasks included not only the development of a logo and identity, but also naming. By offering 100 options, together with the customer, we reduced them to 10 workers, of whom we choose BAST.

Sample client on the topic of the kind of logo he wants and color scheme, having also learned a thousand details (by the way, who cares about the brief here: borodaboroda.ru/brif-na-brand

This time, we didn’t start to scatter and concentrated on five basic options, then on four, and as a result we choose the only and indispensable one. Here it is:



We continue.

Bastapp website development

If you think that we immediately began to design and develop, no,we spent a little time over more than a week to write a technical task, and another week to finalize it and make edits.

After we approved the TZ, we started to make prototypes and design the interface. I must say that the project is not easy. It has 3 personal accounts, a workflow system, an application system, a huge moderation module, and so on.


The task of designing prototyping and design in this project (as in all others in principle) was to make the project as convenient and easy to understand as possible. How much have we achieved in this? Let’s look at the performance after launch. In the meantime, enjoy the design.

Mobile application development

After the server part was ready, we started developing mobile applications. Here too is not so simple. 2 apps for each axis, for android and for iOS. Application for customers and contractors and application for the driver. During the development of the server part and the mobile application, we were faced with the fact that in the field of construction everything is not very simple and sometimes there is simply no logic. We are on the verge of launching the project and we are very interested to know what happened.


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