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Our relationship with the coffee shop Stories began with another project. Ivan Kvasov came to our studio at the very beginning of our work with the task of developing a website and branding for the summer project “Platform”.  Moreover we have successfully worked on the previous projects, we made a branding development for the School of Hospitality, a logo for his personal brand, a website and a logo for food delivery, and finally came to work on one of the longest projects in our work. Coffee Shop Stories  is a federal (we think not far away, and the “international” postscript) chain of coffee shops, where you can drink coffee, chat, participate in the event and hold your own.

First iteration: Simple corporate identity

We started our work with the logo. Throwing a few options Ivan was not satisfied. He wanted to “play with the fonts” that we successfully did. At the same time, we developed a website to promote the sale of a franchise.

By the way, which logo would you choose? In your favorite category in  our instagram  won another logo! And the customer chose this one:


Despite the fact that we didn’t like the developed corporate style, the coffee shop worked with it for a little more than six months. After that, we proposed to change the vector and make the logo more vivid, adding mood to it. I wanted to make that more attractive and memorable. We have even more variations.

As a result, they decided not to go away from the original appearance of the logo, replacing the font basis and adding color strokes to each of the letters, and it turned out to be juicy.

In April 2019, Storiz opened its first franchise point in Krasnoyarsk, which means that, together with Storiz, we grew up in a local coffee house in global history. So when someone asks who made the branding the logo of the coffee shop Stories, know that we did it!

Who made stories?

Yes, yes, and we did it. The first version appeared in 2017 and it was aimed at generating leads for the franchise. The second version is still being finalized, it is twisting and getting better. As a result, we made a mega-functional colossus that meets all the needs of our customer. Attracts customers to purchase a franchise, organizing events, visiting events and most importantly, visiting a coffee shop.


The site, like all those that we did before, is adapted for mobile platforms. Inside the site there are more than 8 different sections, each of them is designed for a specific customer request.

Do you want to see more of our work? Go to the section of work.


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