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In January 2017 we received an interesting order for a confectionery branding in the city of Abakan, in Khakassia. We often have customers from distant cities not only in Russia, but in the whole World. And such projects are the most succulent.

Confectionery “Jam” previously existed, as a homemade cake pastry to order. However, our customer is a brand chef and part-time founder of the confectionery develops not only in practice, but also attends various confectionery courses in Prague (Czech Republic) and Paris (France). Due to this development, the Jam confectionery shop has its own offline point in the city of Abakan.

Purpose: Branding of the confectionery “Jammer”, in the style of French pastry shops and bakeries.

What they did. 

  1. Immersed in the world of French pastry.
  2. Developed a common brand concept. Identified colors, fonts, symbols.
  3. Included in the logo croissant. Yes, this is what we call this interesting element. You can see it by yourself. This is the direct spirit of Paris.
  4. Made layouts packaging, business cards, letterhead and sets of dishes. Dessert boxes is just lovely with it, isn’t it?.


Designed branding confectionery really liked the brand chef. And this is despite the fact that he is a demanding person. He was impressed on how correctly we picked up the key element of the logo and at the same time made it unlike the standard logo.

Almost a year and a half has passed and the home bakery in Abakan has opened as many as three places in the city and is not going to stop there.


We love delicious projects, so you can see our work with restaurants and coffee shops .

A set of menus, dishes, letterheads, stickers for coffee packaging.

Dessert boxes with you:

Two options for business cards. The first:


Well, the final logo:



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