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Foyt is a balanced diet that entered the market in 2015. The foundation of the Foyt brand is ecology, innovation and speed. The company produces fast and healthy food for the big city. One serving of Foyt diluted with milk or water replaces up to one meal. The perfect solution for busy people. The company turned to us for the development of the logo and branding . The image of a useful and convenient product should turn out. No sooner said than done!

Goal:  logo and branding development for ”Foyt”

What they did.

  1. Disassembled the brand into semantic components. At the very beginning we talked to the customer and determined the values ​​that the brand should reflect. The main thing that we need to consider is the balance between innovation and simplicity. The client should immediately understand that Foyt is useful and cool. How did we do it? Take a look by yourself.
  2. Selected visual elements. No, we did not immediately rush to draw a logo. In no case, we have identified the colors, elements and fonts that are appropriate in meaning. Calm light green color and green leaves emphasized environmental friendliness. White with a hint of steel – innovation and the circles replacing each other – speed. And after that we can start drawing.


3. Draw the logo . The guys from Foyt didn’t want to look flashy. It was important for them that a balanced diet speak of naturalness calmly and confidently. So we did. The resulting logo “shows” the quality of the product and its benefits. By the way, this very confidence in nutrition is given by a well-chosen font. As a result, colors, fonts and logo icon made the image environmentally friendly and useful.We did all as ordered, and this is a great solution for such a product.



4. Prepared for printing and souvenir. The final stage of the work has come: to create a complete set of corporate elements and promotional materials. For business cards, we decided to add a little crafting. This solution emphasizes the naturalness of the product. A business card in this design speaks for the product itself without further explanation to customers or partners. “Hmm. It seems these guys have something useful, ”immediately sounds in my head at the sight of such a business card.

We also made branded bags, notebooks and forms with the addition of crafting. The paper is well recycled and does not harm the environment. Care and respect for nature are a plus for brand reputation. The result is a satisfied customer. He ate well and saved the planet from harmful waste. “I use paper bags and do not pollute the planet. Well done! ”- said by the client as he  received such a bag.



Balanced nutrition Foyt reflects ecology, innovation and speed. Have you already seen this? Colors, fonts, leaves, icon and craft in the external design conveyed the essence of the brand. The guys from the company said that we managed to keep the balance between simplicity and style. We can do this 😉

This image of the company attracts and touches. You trust him and calmly make a choice in favor of such a balanced diet. It is important that unlike many competitors, Foyt is an honest balanced diet. What does it mean? It means that they do not replace the usual meal. Their nutrition is a useful supplement to the basic diet.


After 3 years, the image we created remains as relevant. The guys have expanded the range, but remained true to our concept. The site and social networks are made in the same style. We follow the development of the company and see the result. Foyt expands. Balanced nutrition can be obtained not only in St. Petersburg, but also in Moscow. Customers leave positive feedback. And we are glad that we gave impetus to such an interesting and promising company.




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