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In 2018 one very interesting customer came to us ”Yulia Zelenina”, a professional coach and astrologer. She helps her clients in matters of personal effectiveness, relationships with others and overcoming fears. In addition, Yulia pumps emotional intelligence and determines your purpose.

In May 2018, Julia decided to launch her own courses and switch from word of mouth to personal branding and we agreed to help.

Purpose: the creation of a personal brand of Yulia Zelenina 

What we did.

Firstly, we imbued with the work of Julia. Our art director personally visited her consultation and master class in order to understand the audience and the product itself.

Secondly, we analyzed the market. As it turned out, there are enough competitors in this Moscow market. However, there is no clear image for coaches of this level. They promote first of all a product, but not themselves as a specialist.

Next, we identified the target audience and its main values ​​and pain. This information was useful for the entire project and for building a brand communication platform.

Armed with the information we received, we proceeded to naming. We have provided 42 variants of the name. The customer choose 5 of them. Next to each of the five, we came up with slogans. After comparing the names and slogans, we moved to the final decision. The course “Awakening 2.0. Be the best version of yourself! ” Transparent and clear story, which demonstrates the scope of activities of Julia and the result of the course.

We finished our work on the visual part of the work of Julia. We have created a single visual image, which is now used in business cards, souvenirs and the design of social networks. For the logo, we chose the abbreviation UZ, Yulia Zelenina, and minimal design. Since the field of Julia’s activities causes many disputes and prejudices, we decided to take transparency as a basis. The logo with the abbreviation and decoding of a specialist in pure white – works non-verbally with the pain and doubts of the audience.

Юлии Зелениной 


As a result of our cooperation with Yulia, we have worked through the visual component of the brand of Yulia Zelenina. We developed a logo and on its basis created a package of necessary materials: business cards, promotional materials and design of social networks. Our idea completely coincided with the vision of the customer. Now we continue cooperation. The next stage of the work relates to marketing, namely the building up of a car-funnel of sales. But more about that later 😉


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