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Korch company specializes in restyling, tuning and kids’ car diving. How did this customer come to us? Very simple.

We held a contest in our Instagram @boroda_studio. According to the conditions, it was necessary to guess which logo our customer, Wine only Wine, chose. Of the four proposed options, Korch chose the right one and won the creation of a logo or the design of the first page of the site.

Objective: to create a logo for the company Korch.

What they did.

After talking with the client and finding out the concept of the project, we drew several variants of the logo and betrayed the style of the company. Since the guys are pumping cars, we are not wise with the design. They made a cool corporate font, added a red wheel for the accent and a black border.


The winner was very pleased. After all, the logo exactly reflects the concept of the company. In addition, he inspired the guys to new ideas.



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