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Choosing a domain name is not an easy task. Most likely, your project is not the only one with a similar name in this niche. Therefore, the domain name must be unique and memorable. Today we will give some tips on how to choose the right domain name. Go!

1. Collect keywords

For each business, you can choose about 10 keywords that reflect the company’s activities. Experiment with these keys. You can match them, generate new words, add suffixes and prefixes. With the help of this approach, you will get some cool variations of the domain.

2. Uniqueness as a guarantee of success

Check what domains your competitors have on a niche. Your domain should be as different as possible from competitors, but at the same time reflect the scope of activities. This is the uniqueness.

3. CA and domain extension

What will happen after the “point”. At first glance, it seems that there is no difference and they differ only in appearance. Let’s see.

The domain name consists of several parts, which are separated by dots. All domains are divided into levels and are considered from right to left. Using our site as an example, borodaboroda.com is a first-level domain. But if we had the address dev.borodaboroda.com – this is the second level domain.

All domains of the first level are divided into two categories:

  1. Affixed to countries. In Russia, these include: .ru and .rf. The first is initially assigned to the country and speaks of the company’s belonging to Russia. The second is a special domain that allows the use of the national language. Note that only users see it that way. When you start to copy it, it turns out nothing to do is not talking a set of letters and numbers.By the way,this may prevent the dissemination of information about the company. There is another domain .su, but it is rather a rudiment of its kind, because it remained after the Soviet Union.

2. General domain names that are not tied to a specific country. These include:

.com – commercial sites

.org – was previously intended for non-profit organizations, but is now used by various companies without restrictions

.net – network resources

.info – information portals

.biz – domain for business structures

.edu – educational institutions

.mil – US military organizations

.gov – state structures

There are a number of specialized first-level domains, for example, aero – for the air industry, .coop – for cooperatives, .mobi – for mobile resources, .travel – for travel sites, or .museum – for museum workers.

Accordingly, when choosing a domain, one should take into account these differences and build on the fact that you want to broadcast to the audience: your geography or your profile. By the way, the domain .ru has an advantage when ranking sites in Google and Yandex. In general, if we were asked to compile a domain rating, it would look like this: .ru, .com, .info, .net, .org, .rf.

4. Simple and memorable

The simple name is easily remembered by the client (or potential) when entering the site. Of course, much more often we use search. But if the domain name is very easy, the browser immediately transfers the client to your site, avoiding the possible advertising of competitors. Isn’t it wonderful?

Plus, if the client liked you, he will tell a friend about you, and when he heard the simple and intelligible address of the site, he will call right now. Such simple truth.

Here we note that the spelling of the domain should be simple. Since all links to websites are written in English, we recommend choosing easy-to-write names. Without hissing, as well as “Y”, “b”, “b” and “b”,

5. Brevity – the sister of talent

This is also about memorability. Short names are easier to remember. But know the measure! An incoherent and short set of letters would rather confuse the client than remembering it.

7. Words, not signs

The harder it is to say the site address, the worse you get. Therefore, numbers, hyphens, underscores will only aggravate the situation. Choose simple and interesting names. The numbers may still ocure in some cases, but try to avoid other signs.

Here we note the cases when a telephone number is taken as a basis. This option doesn’t suite in terms of branding. This site address is poorly remembered. Often not remembered at all, because with these figures and the company there is no associative connection. Accordingly, the site loses its plus in brand awareness.

8. Copyright

It is extremely rare, but there are companies that buy a domain with the same name as its competitors. This is a fatal mistake for the whole business. Therefore, before investing money in a cool domain, check if there is already such a thing on the net. You can do this on the website copyright.gov.

Now we are calm for you. After studying our recommendations, you can safely choose a domain name, buy it and register. We are sure that you will make the right choice.

And may the site bring you big sales!


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