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Corporate identity forms the basis of the future brand. To think about how to develop corporate identity is necessary at the very start of the project. It is a question to solve a large number of tasks, both strategic as a whole and separately branding.

Development of corporate identity is divided into two large blocks: strategic and design. Consider each in detail.

Strategic block

We will determine immediately, a strategy is what the corporate identity is based on. This is its semantic part, which forms the idea of ​​the corporate style as a whole and removes inappropriate elements and solutions in advance.

In fact, the semantic part is the basis of branding. It reflects promises to the client, corporate culture and company standards.

In order to form a strategy, the management of the company needs to answer a number of the following questions:

After answering these questions, and most importantly fixing them, you can proceed to the design development unit.

Design block

In the design block, we are already talking about how your brand will look based on the developed strategy. In this block we will talk about what exactly will include the corporate identity of your company, and how it will look. In most cases, this is the work of the agency, but if you have any preferences and wishes, we’ll be happy to hear.

Color palette

Color plays a very big role in the branding and firmly establish itself for a certain company. This phenomenon is connected with the fact that each color has a certain set of associations. And depending on the correct shade of red, for example, will show energy, not aggression. And with complementary colors, this mood is emphasized more. Our designers regularly work with color psychology, selecting a unique combination for each project.


Typography is a graphic design of texts. That is, the unique font is being developed here that you will use in your materials. This does not mean that all the text on the advertising booklet will be written somehow,no but this means that the name of your company, subscripts, perhaps headlines in advertising will use this style.


When the previous two stages are completed, it is worthwhile to proceed to the development of a logo. It includes developments in typography and color palette. The logo is the pearl of corporate identity. It is he who primarily represents the company and forms the first impression. Therefore, it is extremely important to thoroughly approach its development. He must immediately pass on the strategy you chose earlier. What should be the logo:

Elements of corporate identity

The final stage in the development of corporate identity is the application of corporate identity on specific media. The set of corporate identity elements usually includes business cards, letterheads, employee clothes, and badges. It all depends on the specific project, because different companies may need different elements. But the main thing here is the brand personification.


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