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Today, almost every young man wants to have his own business. And not just his own business, but also to have it on the Internet. And under these two conditions, the most ideal option is to create an online store. Okay, the idea is cool, but let’s look at the whole process from the inside and figure out how to create an online store.

Let’s start with the preparatory stage. There are three important issues that will determine the success or failure of a future project.

  1. What to sell?
  2. Who to sell?
  3. Where to get the goods from?

Let’s discuss each one separately.

What to sell?

When choosing your product, you need to look at supply and demand and figure out, you need to learn what customers need and how many companies are already selling it.

When you begin to delve into this process, you will understand two things.

Firstly, Where there is high demand, there are many competitors. Someone long and firmly in this market, someone relatively recently, but successfully. And all of them are ready to throw you out of the market with shiny teeth, or not to let them go at all.

The second. Having understood the whole situation, you decide to make a new product for the market. A good idea. There are no competitors. But your product is not really needed by anyone. We have to invest heavily in advertising, which will attract the first buyers.

But there is a way out. You can choose the first option, but make a narrower proposal. For example, not sportswear, and clothing for yoga. Or you can choose the second option, but invest in guerrilla marketing or word of mouth. The choice is yours.

In order to determine the demand for your future product, check if anyone is interested in them at all. This can be done using th Yandex service.Wordstat. Enter the name of your product in the search box, and the system will show you how many people per month searched for this product. There you can see the dynamics of change in demand over a certain period of time. So you will understand not only what is in demand and what is not, but also see the dynamics of the market. This can tell you when to open up.

Who to sell?

This is the weak point of many businesses and not only on the Internet. We will determine immediately, your product is not needed by everyone, from young to old, from 10 to 60 years. It does not work. For a clear promotion of the products, you need to have a specific portrait of the target audience. What is included in the portrait of the target audience:

The more accurate the portrait of the audience, the more precisely you will be able to form your proposal and build a marketing strategy for the project.

Where to get the goods?

Well, if you yourself is a manufacturer of your goods. You can guarantee its quality and this is a plus. But on the other hand alone, you are unlikely to be able to produce such a quantity of goods, which is necessary for the market. Therefore, most likely you will work through the supplier. On the one hand, finding a wholesale manufacturer is not so difficult: open a search and select one of the offers. Oh, if! The choice of a supplier on a long-term basis must be approached seriously, since the quality of your service will depend on it. Below are the main criteria that you should pay attention to when choosing a supplier:

This ended our preparatory stage. In the following articles we will move on to the implementation phase of the online store and the creation of the site.

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