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In this article we have tried to tell you in the most detailed and understandable way what the position of the site in Yandex depends on. According to various sources, there are about 200 site ranking factors in the Yandex search system, but today we will focus on the most important ones.

Traffic and behavioral factors

General traffic to the site. This is the main indicator affecting the issue in Yandex. That is, it turns out such a vicious circle “there is no traffic – there is no company in the top” and vice versa. And this principle works both in Yandex and in Google. Yes, such justice rules here. Let’s see what else is important here.

Time visitors spent in the site: Yandex knows perfectly well how much time a visitor spends on a particular site. This entire array is combined into a large database. And on its basis, Yandex understands whose site is higher in search. If you have a unique content on your site and user-friendly designs, it will be interesting for visitor to spend more time on your site and as a result of this, your site will rank higher. In the opposite direction, this process also works, place in the search results is a dynamic indicator. Therefore, the site must always work. Update with new content, invent interactives on the main page, simplify the design – all this will help you get higher in the search.

Non-search traffic: This indicator has become the most important for Yandex in the outgoing year and will prevail in 2019. The leading websites in Yandex have a maximum of non-search traffic than the positions below. This suggests that to increase the issue, you must use the transitions from social networks, advertising, email newsletters or direct visits.

Yandex X: The quality index of the site checks how convenient the site is for use, that’s the rate of demand and it’s useful. The quality index of the site came in early 2018 to change the thematic citation index. Now, behavioral factors are more influencing the place in Yandex search.

Technical factors: Here we will only talk about those factors that significantly affect the place in Yandex search.

First, ”adaptive layout”, yes, the world has moved to the mobile version, and Yandex supports sites that understand this. Convenient mobile version of the site is the key to increase the issuance.

Secondly, the download speed of the site. In the age of high-speed Internet, any delay in downloading is perceived negatively, that is why special technologies are now used which makes the materials on the site “light”. For Yandex, this is an important indicator, as with a bad site speed, the number of failures will increase. Then the robots will understand the attitude of visitors to the site and determine your place in the search.

Thirdly, the HTTPS protocol. This channel speaks about site security, data hiding and cleanliness. This is how the protocol itself works, and the search engine gives priority to such sites, leading them to the top of the search.

Fourth, it is the age and size of the site. We learnt that sites with a large history and a large number of pages occupy top positions in the search, unlike young and small ones. In principle, this is logical.

Commercial factors

To start with, Yandex pays attention to the scale of the business and its reliability. For Google, by the way, this is also important. With regard to specific factors affecting the ranking, then:

Reference and textual factors

Everything is simple. First, use links to the internal pages of sites and add an anchor. Secondly, Yandex does not like links from exchanges. Therefore to promote, it is better to use “white” links.

But the texts situation has changed. Large SEO texts, of course, work, but Yandex still likes the full optimization of the site for key queries.

If you noticed, all the ranking factors became more human. What influences search results now looks organic on the site and is convenient for visitors to use. Therefore, if you look globally, then all your online activities should be with care about the visitor.


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