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Digital marketing (also known as internet marketing) is a popular phenomenon today. Traditionally, this term refers to the promotion of a company on the Internet: SMM, targeting and contextual advertising. However, everything is much wider than it seems.

Internet marketing is a separate direction in marketing, which uses any digital technology to promote its products and services. Just imagine some digital technology.Which means that, it is a huge reservoir of work that includes the same huge number of sources and methods as traditional marketing. Yes, Internet technology accounts for about 50% of the ways to attract customers. But besides the Internet, today virtual and augmented reality systems, QR codes, interactive panels and much more are well developed.

Today we will talk about the tools and channels of information dissemination in Internet marketing and how to manage them. To begin with, we will determine that a communication channel is a specific source of information, and a tool is one of the options for communication with Central Asia on a channel. is everything clear?

Then let’s go further in details:

Communication channels in internet marketing

As we have said, the communication channel is a source of information that  allows you to promote a company, service or product through the help of some various tools.

Let us consider these tools below;

Internet . In the global sense of the word. This refers to any version of products that have access to the Internet. On the Internet you can find tools for paid and free promotion. For any such advertising format, you just need to turn on the Internet.

Digital television. This TV format consolidates its position in the market and continues to occupy its position in the global network. Now it is very well possible to place short commercials, which are more loyal. Also, there is practiced advertising on the running line and other features.

Mobile Gadgets. Speaking of smartphones, we will immediately confine ourselves to those advertising channels for which it is not necessary to connect to the Internet. These can be branded mobile applications and advertising in them, SMS messages, etc. Yes, SMS messages and calls with promotional offers also apply to digital marketing. After all, a smartphone is a digital technology.

Smart gadgets. A new generation of gadgets: smart watches, scales, fitness bracelets and others with a WI-FI internet connection. Here are suitable branded applications and other tools.

Interactive displays . They can be installed in store fitting rooms, cafes and restaurants, on POS-terminals, chargers, etc. Digital banners, which are installed for promotional purposes, also belong to the interactive display. Video feeds are mainly distributed through this channel. Pop-up advertising windows are also actively used.

Digital-art. There are technologies, but there is art. When they meet, we get something beautiful, technological and working to attract customers. This channel of communication includes games, e-books, graphics, music. But if we are talking about promotion, branding of certain works is appropriate in this key.

Internet marketing tools

Having dealt with the channels of digital marketing, you can go to the long story about the tools. But to make it convenient for you, we will now list the very tools of Internet marketing in points, and in the following articles we will reveal each of them.

Powerful, yes? And all these tools give a certain result. Therefore, if you do not know what to use in the promotion of your company – re-read the list again. Most likely, you haven’t tried any of this yet. Take, implement and develop your business!

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