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They built, built and finally … Oh, no. Today is the opposite. We will talk about how our friends, AllianceRemStroy, have changed their image and attracted attention. It’s all about branding.

Let’s start. AllianceRemStroy is a company that provides services for the dismantling of buildings and structures. That is, someone is constructing these buildings, and the guys are demolished in a couple of decades. Also, ARS take out construction waste and carry out earthworks. In 2015, the company needed a new vision of its company amid growing competition.

Objective:  to make a kind of branding that doesn’t overlap with competitors and at the same time emphasizes the peculiarity of the company.

What they did. 

  1. Analyzed the corporate styles of competitors. Then decided that we need something bright, but restrained.
  2. Choose a combination of blue and white with yellow elements. The result was a bright and professional image.
  3. For the introduction of new style, we have developed badges, pens, notepads and letterheads.


AllianceRemStroy gladly accepted our project. The guys noted a cool approach to corporate identity. In this market, everything is quite strictly and monumental, and the new style looks favorably against the background of competitors.

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