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With a wide soul for a delicious table in Pushkarsky!

We talk about the hospitable Russian cuisine restaurant. Pushkarsky is a modern Russian restaurant. Here you can taste delicious traditional cuisine, but stay in our realities. The restaurant is located in the very center of St. Petersburg on Bolshaya Pushkarskaya.

Purpose: development of branding and website

What they did.

  1. Combined tradition and relevance of the project in the corporate style. On a minimalist white background, there is a bear and a berry ornament.
  2. Reflected the new style in the signs, curtains, menus, logo, interior and exterior design.
  3. They made a functional site where you can get acquainted with the services of a restaurant and book a table.


The customer was delighted and gave us the promotion of his restaurant. Now for the restaurant “Pushkarsky” we are engaged in SMM-promotion in VK and Instagram, as well as serving the site.

I wonder what else we can do? See our other works on the link and if anything, please contact




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