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Avmur- service for pet owners and veterinary clinics. On the website, you can find a wet clinic in your area, get advice on pet care, or place an ad for the sale of animals. The customer wanted to change the site, since the old one no longer fulfilled its function and was visually obsolete. However, we studied the site and realized that the work here will be much deeper.

Objective: redesign and improvement of the site for the service Avt.klinik Avmur

This project we are already a long time. For us, Avmur is not just a website. This is a startup in which we invest not only in development and design, but also in attracting customers and sales.

What they did.

1. Selected a new corporate identity, thanks to which all the available pages were collected



2. Thought out and added a new functionality that will keep users on the site

3. Added billing for clinics so that the service can bring money



As a result, we have a concise and clear website that runs 1C-Bitrix. Such management simplifies site administration and work with it. Also, the site has become convenient for visitors. Proper selection of information and the lack of a huge text made it clearer. However, due to the lack of this text, the site fell slightly on SEO . But in less than half a year we reached the same indicators that allow the site to attract up to 500-600 people a day.



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