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The School of Hospitality HSFD is one of the projects of our permanent customer, Ivan Kvasov. HSFD became our third project for Ivan. In itself, the school of hospitality is taught how to work in the restaurant business. The school is taught to work with clients and employees of your institution. To fully immerse in the subject are experienced speakers and leaders in the field. We have developed an image of the project in accordance with the trends of 2016.

Purpose: Development of the corporate style of the school of hospitality

It was important to make an image of the company that would attract young people to school.

What they did. 

  1. Studied competitors. There are not so many of them, but everyone has their own specific image.
  2. Chose a common visual concept of the school. The project was planned fashionable and youth, but had to convey their status and experience. What we did. Deep dark blue and gold made the overall image of the project. And the icons of cutlery, glasses and a university cap emphasized the essence of the school.
  3. Prepared all the necessary attributes for the school. Business cards, forms, badges, diplomas and notebooks are now made in the same style.


The corporate style of the school HSFD has become suitable for 2016. Stylish, fashionable and near the hipster image consistent with the expectations of the customer. They did everything to the maximum, as we love. By the way, here you can see another project for Ivan Kvasov.



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