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DH Agency is a leading SEO promotion agency in St. Petersburg. They are not only our customers, but also our partners with whom we often interact in SEO. The guys needed a fresh, bright and recognizable image of the brand. At the same time, he had to emphasize the company’s professionalism and quality of work. Having understood the desires of the customer, we have transgressed to work. So.

Purpose: to  update the logo and corporate identity of  DH Agency

What they did.

  1. We evaluated the current vision of the company and presented a new format. Yes, indeed, the old style of the company did not fit into the current trends, so we developed a fresh solution.
  2. Draw the logo . We tried to display the knowledge and experience of the company in their logo. Generally, DH is a digital  hedgehog (translation: Ezh). In fact, we drew a hedgehog and picked up a stylish font.
  3. Editing the site. The guys asked to shift the new design to the pages of the site. “OK, let’s do it!” Now the sections of the site, which we changed in the affiliate program, are made in the corporate style.  


DH Agency relished our new development. They not only highly appreciated it, but also recommended it to their partners.The color palette distinguishes the company in the market, and the hedgehog attracts the attention of potential customers. Now both the website and the social network of the brand are made in the same style that we have developed for ourselves любим




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