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Hockey School ”Drill 2 Skill” is a sports school in Canada where future professionals are trained. This customer is not the first time to contact us. Earlier we have already developed a website for children. This time the administration of the hockey school decided to move to a new level. The site, of course, brought new customers, but there is no limit to perfection. The guys decided to sell their lessons using a mobile application. An interesting idea for an educational project. And we are ready to implement it.

Objective: to develop a mobile educational app for the hockey school.

What they did.

  1. We studied the market of mobile applications dedicated to sports. The task was harder than usual. Which applications are popular in Canada, why this is the case, and how people use such applications are only a few of the issues that are important for development.
  2. Prescribed the structure of the application. The customer noted that the application should be simple and straightforward. Therefore, we have done only two main sections: training and personal account. In the first, there is the possibility of choosing your level of training. In the second – see reports on training.
  3. Drawn design. Conciseness without unnecessary details that’s the basis of the style of hockey school. We are repelled by the corporate identity of the company. Therefore, we chose a dark background with a stick of the club, washers and gloves. Training video prepared in advance on a gray background. Added red color for the brand image.
  4. Filled the application with content. In the first section, we added video workouts and descriptions to them. Moreover, the training format was very convenient. You can train at home, on the playground or in a hockey school.
  5. Optimized content. The fact is that all the training weighed a lot. Therefore, we have reduced the weight of materials and kept the quality.
  6. Improved functionality. That is, made it intuitive. The user simply registered through the social network, immediately chose the appropriate level and began to train.


As a result, we got a convenient and stylish application for athletes. Hockey School Drill 2 Skill thanked us for the good and high-quality work. The guys called us with them to Canada, by the way, but something went wrong and we stayed back, although still ahead 🙂



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