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Stage trade is a company whose main activity is the construction of stage structures of varying complexity throughout Russia. Stage trade is the official representatives of large rental companies. Including German and American markets. The guys came to us for rebranding, for a bright and memorable design.

Objective:  to rebrand the company and highlight Stage trade in the market.

What they did. 

  1. Analyzed the market. Without this stage, we do not start the work in principle. As a result, we realized that most competitors have a rather strict style in blue / gray colors.
  2. We studied the specifics of the industry. Since the guys are working in the field of cool concerts and holidays, we decided to make the same memorable event as the brand.
  3. Defined colors and the overall concept. A bright transition from yellow to pink and a simple graphic image of the scene convey the essence and idea of ​​the brand. We prepared three more concepts to choose from, but customers liked this option more than others.
  4. Transformed the overall concept of branded items. Now business cards, transport, company form are made in the same style. Which, by the way, famously stands out in the market.


Stage trade noted that this style of cool emphasized feature of the company. That is, their customers did not have questions about what they were doing. In short, according to the results, they appeared a brand with a distinctive identity that matches all the wishes of the customer .




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