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  1. 4 corners (4 corners) is a martial arts club in the north of St. Petersburg. The customer asked us to create a website and corporate identity for his business. In short, the goal of the project was very clear which is to make a martial arts club a brand that:
    • Would meet the expectations of professional athletes.
    • Could create and maintain a desire to play sports with people far from sports
    • It would be a pleasant, comfortable, interesting environment for coaches.

    In addition to the overall creation of the brand, the customer still wanted a site for his company. The site was supposed to emphasize the essence of the brand.

    Aim:  to create a strong martial arts club “4 corners” and develop a website

    What they did. 

    1. After analyzing the market, we identified the key elements of corporate identity and the overall vision of the brand. Since martial arts is power, masculinity and brutality, we took black as its basis with its shades. And the important touches decided to highlight in red. Yellow acted as an additional color.


Conducted photo and video. The martial arts club must show and gives the value to its audience. Best of all, this task was handled by high-quality photos and videos from workouts. Beautiful picture said more than we expected.


Developed a site and filled it with content. Now the site has all the necessary and detailed information. Here the most chewed, you can even say so, description of the company, courses and their coaches, contacts, prices, schedule. Also on the site there are reviews of students and trainers.


This site is an example of work that have been done correctly. The best reward for us and the customer are the high performance of this site on SEO at a cost of zero rubles for any promotion actions. The site, as well as the common brand of martial arts club “4 corners”, turned out to be impudent, stylish and attractive.









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