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Limtex is an online store that supplies equipment for the oil and gas industry and related industries. The guys came to us by lucky chance 🙂

First, the customer won the competition for a free logo. And we have faithfully made it. In the next competition, the guys won again (no, we do not know how it works). This time we made the first page of the site. But all this was for other small projects. Now knowing who we are, the customer has no doubt addressed us with a large project.

Purpose: b rendering and website of Limtex online store

What they did. 

  1. Analyzed the market. Without this, you understand.
  2. Chose the basic concept of the brand. Colors, graphics and images perfectly fit into the vision of the brand.
  3. Developed a logo and corporate identity elements (business cards, calendars, etc.).
  4. Made a fairly simple, stylish and convenient site. We achieved this with the help of Bitrix. Why on this platform? Because with it you can add more than 100 products in each category. What is very important for an online store.


With the updated style and convenient online store, the attitude towards the company has changed. Partners and competitors now consider Limtex a significant player in the market. And with the new online store increased sales.




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