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How we love design for catering establishments. This time we received an order for the development of a logo for the Singapore street food company called Chop eat. The name of the guys laid the slogan ”We chop, you eat”

At the beginning we offered 4 options.

 Chop eat

Logo concept number 1

Simple, no frills. Hatchet separating two words.
Chop eat

Logo concept number 2

Here we have laid a lot of meanings and the famous Singapore Marina Bay and gardens at the bay (top view) and the character (invented by us) and two ax slicing products (top view)
Chop eat

Logo concept number 3

We decided to “play with fonts” and added mysteriousness to typewriting, while at the same time stuffing a table hatchet into one of the letters
Chop eat

Logo concept number 4 (selected):

In this logo we decided to reflect the bright slogan of the company in the logo. It was necessary that something Asian and causing sharp associations. For the basis, we took the image of the Asian kitchen hatchet. The style was borrowed from Japanese and Chinese paintings, where a background object of red color is added to the monochrome.
Chop eat
We want to express to the restaurant ”Chop Eat” thank you very much for turning to us. It was a great pleasure to make this logo for you.
Chop eat Chop eat Chop eat

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