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“Movement is life!” – the guys from the Moscow Step Up dance school came to us. It was in this spirit that we discussed the future project with customers. The school had big plans for the development of the network, and they turned to us for help. They needed rebranding, a unique type of branding, so as not to succumb to the influence of competitors and attract new students.

And we agreed on their request

The purpose of the work: rebranding and the preparation of corporate identity for the dance school Step Up, which we will talk about the desire for development.

What they did.

  1. Conducted market analysis. Dance studios often use the figure of a person in a dance or jump in their logos. Therefore, we immediately deleted this option from the list of ideas.
  2. Picked up a color palette and graphic elements that reflect the energy of the school. It turned out vigorous and stylish image.
  3. We developed layouts necessary for school products. The kit includes badges, pens, t-shirts, caps. Also separately made layouts for advertising.

The result, which does not need an explanation. 

In 2017, the Set-Up logo ranked second among the best logos.

The customer noted a bright presentation and an interesting decision on the upward movement. What do we mean? The customer did not want to see arrows or steps. Therefore, thanks to an interesting, graphical solution, we avoided such a possible error. The upward movement was also emphasized by the dancer on the advertising layout, which also aims upwards.

Today, there are 12 studios in Moscow at the Step Up dance school. click on the link to see see more work link 😉

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