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Hockey club “Red Star”

At the end of 2017, the 6th hockey customer came to us. This time it was a full-fledged hockey club “Red Star”. The club is based on its own site on Irinovsky Prospect in St. Petersburg. On the same site there is a hockey school, a rehabilitation center, a gym, a skating rink for mass skiing, 4 zones for working out hockey equipment and a restaurant. The guys have huge ambitions for the hockey club and the site as a whole.

Purpose: the  branding of the hockey club “Red Star”, which will enhance its status with the audience.

What they did. 

  1. Prepared 5 options for the logo and corporate identity. By tradition, we voted among our subscribers and identified the best of all options.

He won the third option, which we ourselves really liked. We even worked on its basis of corporate identity and form.


 Changed the logo

However, the customer did not approve our option. All these coat-shaped stories with shields seemed very hackneyed. Therefore, we jointly choose option number 1, finalizing it and adding a puck to it.

The customer appreciated the new logo . Therefore, we moved to the corporate identity and external and printed products.

3. Development of corporate identity, external and printed products. And the task was rather non-standard. We have prepared a corporate pennant, a training and exit form for teams and a coaching form. It turned out quite restrained, but aggressively.

Corporate pennant A

form in which the combination of red and navy colors, as well as simple classic forms makes it properly aggressive: They made a layout for this form to make it easier for manufacturers to work with the order. 


Coaching clothes. Minimalism and practicality, and that says it all.

As a bonus, hockey players made a letterhead.


“This is exactly what we wanted!” – the head of the club told us and a year later he returned to us with a new project. Further more!




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