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Boroda branding is the mood and feeling that remains in the minds and hearts of your customers from your company, product or service.

As you already could understand, branding is not only a logo and corporate identity. It is much more than that. Good branding is also a lot of work on meaning. It is very important to make a brand that, on the one hand, will interact well with the audience, and on the other hand, will fully embody the product.

High-grade branding includes several key elements.

  1. A brand platform (brand platform) is a common semantic field of a brand. In essence, this is a brand passport. Here is all the most important: the target audience, the mission and vision of the brand, its promises and values. The main thing here is to understand the UTP of your company.
  2. Logo – the face of the brand. The logo is primarily remembered when meeting with the brand.
  3. Corporate identity – the visual image of the brand. The complex of elements that makes the company unique.
  4. Guideline – rules for the use of images and logo. Variations of the logo, where and how it can be applied.
  5. External and printed products – everything that is necessary for you is here. Form of employees, interior details, documents, business cards, booklets. The list can be continued for a long time, but here everything that tells about your company.
  6. Brandbook – the result of the work done. It contains a detailed description of the company, taking into account all the factors listed.

With the help of high-quality branding, a company can simply shoot on the market or restart a project. Branding is able to attract new customers, be remembered at the level of associations and thus be something more than just a company.

Our work on branding: Pushkarsky , Foyt , Stage Trade

Cost:  from 1,500 pounds

Terms: from 1.5 months

We will do full branding for you 😉

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