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Pushkar – a bar that was before the restaurant Pushkarsky. Here we drew just a concept. But this logo became the best by voting in 2017, and we decided to share it on the website. Yes, you understood correctly. It will be rather small, but interesting case.

Purpose: the development of a logo for the bar “Pushkar”

What they did.

  1. Understand the point. In itself, the name of the bar is quite catchy,”Pushkar.” Causes associations with Russian soldiers of the century since the 15th. But in order to understand who the gunners were, we plunged into history. We studied their image and place in society. It turned out that the gunners, though they were employees, but occupied a good position in society. Their constant attribute during the battles was a gun (which is not surprising). Having seen and inspired, we decided to start from this fact.
  2. Picked up the design of the gun and draw. If you google, you will find various options for guns. One of the historical images gave us an idea and gave a clear vision. We executed the cannon in a modern-engraving version, which gave a style and looked clinging.
  3. Played with the views. We tried on a new style on different elements familiar to the bar and it turned out cool.


The guys from the bar “Pushkar” praised our work and implemented our development. It turned out really cool. But soon the bar decided to expand and completely changed its format for a restaurant. Now the restaurant “Pushkarsky” is our regular customers.



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