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Mobile coffee shop “Hey, Coffee” is a chain of coffee shops in the biggest traffic jams of the city. The concept is that you make an order and in three minutes you get a delicious coffee without leaving your car.
We participated in this project not only as contractors, but also as partners. Participated in the development of the concept, menu, as well as in the construction of business processes.

Objective: to develop a vivid and memorable image of a mobile coffee shop.

What they did. 

  1. Picked up the color scheme. The combination of deep black and bright yellow gives a sense of the energy that coffee gives.
  2. Developed a visual concept. This time the task was more interesting than usual. This time it was not only cups and printing that fell on our shoulders. We prepared the design of the delivery car, drew the aprons and portable bags.
  3. Developed a site in the general style. The site turned out convenient and understandable for visitors.
  4. Menu. Yes, together with the guys from “Hey coffee” we completely made the menu and prepared it for printing.
  5. Set up business processes . Mobile coffee shops in traffic jams – a young project. We, as good friends and mentors, helped the children to restore order within the campaign.


The project began a new life. The company has changed both externally and internally. Externally, it appeared vigorous and memorable image. And inside all things came in order. Now “Hey coffee” is growing rapidly and increasing sales. Our work was highly appreciated and placed information about us on your site.




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