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Portofino village is a luxury residential complex in Montenegro. In the complex you can rent or buy an apartment with a gorgeous view of the Adriatic Sea. Portofino village is a separate world with its own SPA-center, tennis court, sauna complex, wine cellar, outdoor pool and children’s playgrounds.

The customer turned to our company in order to make a cool product packaging. We need a site that in general will be similar to the standard sites of residential complexes. But the most important thing is that the site evokes the feeling of a luxury living.

Objective: to create a simple but expensive Portofino village site with a choice of apartments

What they did. 

  1. We studied the standard sites lived.complex, about which the customer spoke. Considered the strengths and weaknesses and proceeded to develop.
  2. We chose the model of a packaged landing page with the ability to select and view apartments. Each section was highlighted when you hover on it, thereby motivating to open and see.
  3. The site was supplemented with an attractive visual. You yourself look at these photos. Well, how not to want to move here, especially if you have such an opportunity.


Stylish and expensive landing from the best side showed the advantages of Portofino village. Realistic photos conveyed the atmosphere reigning in the residential complex. With the ability to select and view the apartment created the effect of presence. As a result, 3 months after the launch of the new landing all apartments were sold.



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