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Domashnya ferma(The home farm) is a farm production near Moscow, which was making efforts to enter new markets in Moscow like, in new areas of Moscow and the Moscow region. The guys produce high-quality and natural dairy products, which is very valuable for a big city. Just imagine, drink a glass of fresh milk among this city bustle. Eh! We were inspired by the very idea of ​​business guys and gladly took up this project.

Purpose:  rebranding the company “Domashnya ferma” to enter a new market.

What we did.

  1. Analyzed the market. There are enough competitors in the market for farmers’ products in Moscow, and most of them use green shades to convey the naturalness of their products. We immediately decided to move away from this decision.
  2. Chose the style of the brand. The guys wanted something minimalistic, but in order for the branding to fully convey the environmental friendliness of the products produced by the home farm. As a result, we decided to focus on the white color, which refers the buyer to the color and freshness of dairy products. We picked up bright gradient colors for the company’s memorability. And the overall watercolor concept has created an eco-friendly picture. Just look at this beauty!

3. Drawn layouts of branded products. In order for the Home Farm to be fully ready to enter the new market, we have prepared packaging and mug models. Also made layouts of branded packages, business cards and printing. All these elements in the complex made the brand juicy, natural and eco-friendly.


The guys liked the stylish and bright concept . They noted that with such a brand they can confidently enter a new market. The home farm compares favorably with the competition from its watercolor and attracts customers, who value not only the good and natural products, but also the aesthetics of the brand.


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