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Premier Trans is a logistics company. The guys are engaged in freight traffic in Russia. They came to us with a desire to make a website, but we decided to start with branding and update it. After explaining to the customer why this is necessary, we set to work. By the way, when Premier Trans turned to us, they had only a small landing page with poor conversion. This format did not fit the company, and they decided on a big change.

Objective: to  update the branding and develop a  website for the ”Premier Trans” company.

What they did. 

1. Updated branding. No, we did not completely change the whole concept. We have updated the brand elements and fonts. Added a few illustrations and drew a new ui kit for the site. And all the work was packed into a beautiful brand book.
2. Understand the problem of the existing “site”. Speaking of cleanliness, the company that made the previous site wasn’t ours. And, oh my God, my God, how hard it is to look at their work in 2-3 years after the surrender. The problem with the previous site is that it is not at all clear what exactly the company is doing. But since we, on our own experience of moving from UK to St. Petersburg, experienced all the advantages of the company, it became much easier to make a functional website . What we did.
3. Filled the site with content so that orders began to arrive without additional promotion. Good SEO optimization has paid off.


The renewed branding and clear website became the starting point for the flow of new applications. As it turned out, Premier Trans services are much more profitable than other market players, and the service is of high quality and friendly. We saw this in our experience and passed it on to the project.




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