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Akkrecia is a medical center and dentistry for the whole family, located in the south of St. Petersburg. It provides dental, otolaryngologistic (oh, this word), therapeutic and research medical services.

Purpose: to pack the “Akkrecia” clinic, which is not yet working, to make branding and a website. Adapt the site for contextual advertising and SEO.

What they did.
1. Market analysis: Holding branding , we realized that the market is honey. services are replete with the same color solutions. But the customer outlined the task of making the clinic’s corporate identity recognizable and associated with medicine.
2. Choose a color solution: We have been spinning around color solutions for long and finally found a way out. We combined popular colors in one fashionable gradient. It turned out fresh and presentable.
3. Created a general brand concept: At this stage, we have defined what the site, business cards, etc will look like.
4. Development: Having approved all our proposals, we proceeded to the development of the site, souvenir and printing products.
5. Setting up the site: An important component was setting up a website for SEO and contextual advertising. We will discuss about the results below.
In general, we have a fairly simple but stylish website made on html5 css3 running modx, which, however, works fine on SEO and contextual advertising.
The site of the medical center “Akkrecia” entered the TOP 10 of the search for key queries. In 2017, 1.4% of calls and requests came from the context and search by key queries.
Boroda Digital is not just Digital. We help our clients reach as many clients as possible, so we often use offline. For Akkrecia, we placed ads on buses.




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