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  1. Karelia Nord is an organization of luxury tours in Karelia. In otherwords the average check for one such tour of the guys is worth 25,180 pounds. And they organized a tour of 188,955 pounds once, isn’t that great? And we were asked to develop  a website for such a company. We will be discussing how we did it and what came out of it (the outcome).

    Purpose: site redesign for  Karelia Nord 

    What we did for Karelia Nord

    1. Conducted an audit site. To break it down for you, before the site was in black and red colors with beautiful stock sights of Karelia. The design of the past site was made in the style of “tear out the eyes”, and it had to be changed. Then how did the guys manage to attract customers? It was according to the recommendation but this is never enough.
    2. Analyzed the audience and relevant sites. Sites for the premium segment are concisely and immediately create a feeling of luxury. This was what we were striving for.
    3. Draw a site design . We have chosen the strategy of “restrained, expensive, functional”. The site is not replete with flowers and is made in gray-white colors. The home page of the site creates intrigue and attracts a mysterious landscape, and smooth transitions emphasizes this.

    Karelia Nord4. Added tour programs. Yes, we worked longer with the functionality of the Karelia Nord site than with the design. The fact is that the guys have no ready-made tours. All orders are formed individually, so you need a tour designer and a detailed description of all possible components. And they have a lot of guys.

  2. Ease the site. What is important in the tourist site? Right, quality photos that look forward to your vacation. When there are a lot of good photos, the site starts to hang. But no one needs this, so all the visuals and text content had to be changed to quickly load the site. Karelia Nord6. Adapted the site for mobile phones. Without it today,you know nowhere. Therefore, an important step is to make the site as convenient and beautiful for phones of any model. Karelia Nord

 7. Tested work with different devices and transferred to the customer. Testing is the most important thing when developing websites. Ideally, the site works well with any device. But until we see for ourselves in this, we will not go to the customer. Therefore, we check the site on all platforms: from the MacBook to the old HTC. And only when we checked the work of the site on all possible gadgets, eliminated any shortcomings – then  we went to the customer.

Karelia Nord


As the director told us after the meeting, customers had a “jaw drop” when they saw the new site. Yes, they really wanted something like that, but they didn’t think it would be so cool. The site not only looks “expensive-rich”, but also corresponds to the values ​​of the company. It is convenient to use them both from a computer and from a phone or tablet. Therefore, Karelia Nord offered us a bonus vacation on one of their programs. Now we are thinking when to go somewhere 🙂



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