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What is web design?

Web design is a design on the Internet. That is, we design the structure of the site and decorate the appearance of the site or web application. We make our clients’ websites/applications functional and aesthetically pleasing to use. That is, your site will be clear, convenient and beautiful. And the application too. This is the web design we love to do.

The processes of web design and Ui / Ux overlap. For convenience, we divide these services by meaning for different product categories. Web design refers to simple sites, while Ui / Ux to more functional and information(rich sites).

The web design service includes:

Process of developing web design:

  1. We brief (question) the client, we learn the necessary information from him.
  2. We plunge into the market. We learn Central Asia, competitors. We make a selection of references, create a board with styling (mindboard)
  3. We design the interaction of the future user with the site
  4. We draw the main page. share ideas together with  the team, and then discuss with the customer
  5. We approve the main, draw the internal pages
  6. Draw additional pages and dynamic elements.

Why do you need a web design?

Web design is needed to ensure that the client was pleased to be on your site. Also, so that the client will be able to quickly find the information you need. Web design is an excellent means of communication with the user. It allows you not only to direct the client in the right direction, but also to build up quality from competitors.

Who needs  web  design?

Most often web design, deviated from all other work, is ordered by development studios, it companies, and also companies that have their own development department. If you look globally, then web design is necessary for any site, since without it the site will not be better than the old newspaper.


from 450 pounds

Work examples:

PORTOFINO VILLAGE,https://en.borodaboroda.com/works/portofino-village/
FOUR CORNERS,https://en.borodaboroda.com/works/wrestling-boxing-club/
RED STAR,,https://en.borodaboroda.com/works/red-star/
PSK TERRA,https://en.borodaboroda.com/works/psk-terra/



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